About Banyan Logistics 

Banyan Logistics is “Orchestration Innovator”  to support and lead customers’ growth and logistics innovation based 

on its expertise in IT and various industry insights

business area 

& business character

Air/Ocean Freight Forwarding, Warehouse, Transportation e-Commerce logistics Logistics IT, Consulting

Differentiated logistics services based on Integrated IT platform and visibility provided new IT tech solutions such as Big data, BlockChain, IoT, AI etc.

 4PL service

Business Area

Business Scope

  1.   4PL : 3rd Party logistic + Strategy/Planning
  2.   BPO : Business Process Outsourcing


  • International Freight Forwarding

           Air, Ocean, Rail,Ferry,Multi-modal

  • Customs


  • Warehouse

           W/H rental,design,HR/equipment opera                               Automation and etc.

  • Local  Transportation

           In/Outbound delivery  Installation, Return


  • Demand /  Supply Plan

          S&OP Master Planning

  • SCM Optimization

          Inventory/Delivery/Network optimization